16ª Ultra K Marathon


Mount Canate can be identified as the Emblematic Mountain of the Ultra K Marathon.
This 50-kilometer foot race, which last year counted as the single trial for the awarding of the Italian ultra marathon title, runs from Salsomaggiore to Pellegrino P.se and back to Salsomaggiore, describing the perimeter of the mountain that rises up to 850 m. asl, the first asperity that rises from the Po Valley becoming a natural balcony with a magnificent view of it.
It is no coincidence that the peak has been targeted by so many radio and TV stations that have set up there to better broadcast their programs.
Returning to the race itinerary, it can certainly be said that the road that comes out of Salsomaggiore the Salsediana and leads over the Ponte di Scipine deviates to the sn. just after crossing the Stirone stream, in the Piacenza part, on the Costa Lame then back on the piedmont road and off to Vigoleno up to the castle and down the steep descent with breathtaking places and views.
Then to Trinità, Pellegrino, up the S. Antonio and down to Pontegrosso, again up to cave and Casalino to descend from Cangelasio to Ville d'eau where in front of Berzieri is the finish line.
On the same route you can also run the 15-kilometer Salso-Vigoleno.
The unspoiled nature, the passage through the heart of Vigoleno, other wild places combined with the colors of autumn make runners experience continuous emotions that make this race a unique and inimitable experience.
Try it to believe!!!